Friday, 6 November 2015

The letterpress card upgrade

There are some great cards in our collection that we originally produced through digital or silk screen printing processes. These include such favorites like our holiday venn diagram cards and our recent glow in the dark creations. These were originally designed with letterpress intentions, but with our excitement and eagerness, produced them by other means to share our joy when letterpress wasn't a viable option. 

But that was yesterday!!

Today these cards are getting the upgrade they were made for - printed on 100% cotton rag lettra, smashed with VanSon custom mixed inks and lovingly press by our hand fed C&P. There's just no matching letterpress!!!
There are quite a few cards getting the upgrade and we are ridiculously excited for them to be printed in the fashion for which they were designed. We will be posting pictures via twitter and adding posts to the blog as we go through the stack. So, look forward to seeing some oldies getting a letterpress face-lift in the next couple weeks and all of them will be added to our shop just in time for the holiday season.

Happy letterpressing!!

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